Visual Symphonies      -  Art by William Ellison

William Ellison's art is now showing at Tensix Studio in Merrickville, Ont.
      Call or email to arrange a private viewing.  [email protected]


Visual Symphonies

Art by William Ellison
A collection of William Ellison's art is now showing at Studio Tensix in Merrickville, Ontario. Appointments for private viewing came be arrange by email

Gallery # 1

Latest Work by William Ellison.

This Gallery features  works from the Artist's latest series, the Symphony Series.   More information about this series will be posted on the artist's blog.

All of the piece in this Gallery are Editions of 3 unless otherwise indicated in the the write-up.  Prices are listed for the dimensions described in the write-up.  Artist is willing to adjust size to suit the client.  Requests for smaller versions will decrease the purchase price.

This Gallery also includes works from the artist's Eclypse and Quantum Tunnel Series'

"In all theses works, diminutive geometric elements (line, circles, squares, etc.) were superimposed, then twisted, pulled and cajoled over an undefined space of soft colour.  The proximity and interaction of these elements within this space effect unexpected optics.  Visual sensations ranging from kenetic frenzy to relaxed interplay of line, colour, and form often result."

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