Visual Symphonies      -  Art by William Ellison

William Ellison's art is now showing at Tensix Studio in Merrickville, Ont.
      Call or email to arrange a private viewing.  [email protected]


Visual Symphonies

Art by William Ellison
A collection of William Ellison's art is now showing at Studio Tensix in Merrickville, Ontario. Appointments for private viewing came be arrange by email


William Ellison studied at the University of Windsor, Ontario (H.B.F.A.). He pursued a career designing custom furniture and cabinetry.  Over the years, the industry evolved and digital design tools and methods were employed.  William became comfortable using these tools and used them to create new furniture designs.

William began to explore the possibility of using digital tools in art. Excited about the expanded creative potential, William retired his paints and brushes to pursue art using 21st. century technologies.

Calling his unique style, Digital Painting, William uses the computer monitor as his canvas, blurring the line between traditional photography and painting.

Mr. Ellison has won awards from the University of Windsor, the Art Gallery of Brantford, Hensall by Design Art Show, Agnes Jamison Gallery, Minden and the Art Gallery of Bancroft.  His art has been exhibited in galleries at Windsor, Grand Bend, Coe Hill, Bancroft, Maynooth, Minden and Ectobicoke, Ontario.

His images are original works created using digital tools and technologies.  Similar to traditional printmaking, the image is transferred on to a physical support, either canvas, paper or dibond,